Uruguayan Senator requests report on China-Uruguay FTA feasibility study

On August 24, Uruguayan Foreign Minister Francisco Bustillo announced that, at the request of Chinese officials, the feasibility report for the FTA between China and Uruguay will be confidential.

Uruguayan cattle, a success in China

China has become the main importer of Uruguayan beef. Now, there are plans to import live cattle from Uruguay to China, in order to crossbreed Uruguayan cattle with Wagyu cattle from China.

China willing to negotiate with the entire Mercosur bloc

Meanwhile, Beijing, which has begun negotiations on a free trade agreement with Uruguay, is willing to cooperate with Mercosur as a whole, confirmed Cai Wei, director general for the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Latin American and Caribbean Affairs, in Montevideo.

Illegal Fishing in Uruguay

The difference between ilegal and Unregulated fishing is evident in the controversy surrounding the fishing vessel Lu Rong Yuan Yu 606 of Chinese origin, recently captured in Uruguayan waters, and whose illegality could not be concluded due to language difficulties.

The squid game: Uruguayan Navy pursues and captures Chinese jigging boat

Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing is considered the sixth largest illicit economy in the world. In some cases, such as Mexico, it can represent up to 50% of the fishing demand. Uruguay was subject to this issue, which led to the arrest of the vessel Lu Rong Yuan Yu 606, after a chase that took place on July 4.

Chinese Foreign Ministry head to visit Uruguay in the middle of a tour of the continent

The Director General of the Department of Latin America and the Caribbean of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cai Wei, has been in constant contact with the Latin American and Caribbean region since early last year with a particular interest in Uruguay.

China, the main market for Uruguayan beef in 2022

According to the database of the National Meat Institute (INAC), it was reported that China continues to be the main market for Uruguayan meat exports, maintaining its position of recent years.

Wang Yi: “China seeks to strengthen cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean”

On May 20, China’s State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held telephone conversations with the Foreign Ministers of Uruguay, Ecuador, and Nicaragua.

China: the main buyer of Uruguayan beef

Over the years, the records of the exchange of goods and services between Uruguay and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) have shown a positive balance of trade. Beef accounted for the largest share.

Uruguayan president denies deadlock in Uruguay-China FTA negotiations

The Uruguayan weekly magazine Búsqueda published an article on how the situation in Ukraine and the tensions between Russia, the United States, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) could potentiallly impact on China and, consequently, on the Free Trade Agreement with Uruguay. The President of Uruguay denied the information.

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