Bolivian exports to China reach $328 million in 2023

In 2023, Bolivia reached an economic milestone with a surplus of $328 million in exports to China, a strengthening of bilateral trade relations.

Bolivia and China sign an agreement for a $350 million zinc plant in Bolivia

Bolivia and China sign historic $350M agreement for Zinc Plant in Oruro in search of development and jobs.

China and Bolivia explore possibilities of lithium mining

At the Spring Festival, China and Bolivia reaffirm their cooperation ties, especially around minerals, beef and lithium.

Bolivia set to export chia to China

Bolivia is moving forward with determination to become a global exporter of chia with a focus on the Chinese market

Bolivian state-owned company and Chinese consortium CBC sign lithium extraction agreement

Bolivia is accelerating its efforts to develop the lithium industry, a strategic resource in the transition to renewable energy.

Bolivia to expand its chia production in the Chinese market

Bolivia is making efforts to strengthen its presence in the Chinese market and aims to become the world’s leading producer and exporter of chia seeds. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade, Benjam铆n Blanco. A delegation of technicians from the Chinese Customs Administration in Bolivia will inspect chia production in the country in order to expedite the procedures for exporting this product to China, which represents a significant market opportunity for Bolivia’s chia production surplus.

China and Russia seek lithium exploitation opportunities in Bolivia

The state-owned company “Yacimientos de Litio Bolivianos” (YLB) has signed an agreement worth 1.435 billion dollars with the Chinese giant Citic Guoan and Russia’s Uranium One Group. They aim to produce and export approximately 50,000 tons of lithium per year starting from 2025.

Bolivia and Chinese Consortium agree to increase investment to millions of dollars for lithium projects

According to information from the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy of Bolivia, the Chinese consortium Catl Brunp & CMOC (CBC) has increased its investment commitment to $1.4 billion for the construction of two lithium production plants in the Uyuni and Coipasa salt flats. This investment marks a milestone in Bolivia’s energy history and solidifies the country as a reference in lithium industrialization.

Chinese ambassador in Bolivia announces plans to open Asian bank branches due to lack of dollars

To address the shortage of dollars in Bolivia, China is exploring the possibility of opening branches of Asian banks in the country. Huang Yazhong, the Chinese ambassador in Bolivia, has stated that efforts are underway to establish Chinese banking entities in Bolivia, primarily to facilitate settlement operations in bilateral trade. Given the significance of China as Bolivia鈥檚 trading partner and the limited availability of dollars, the Bolivian government is interested in coordinating with China to explore the option of conducting transactions in local currencies.

Bolivia highlights cooperation with China at world summit

President Luis Arce took part in the II World Summit on Trade and Investment Promotion of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, held in Beijing. During his speech, he emphasized the importance of cooperation and dialogue in addressing the economic and social challenges that countries face.

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