China Ties Work to Bukele鈥檚 Advantage in El Salvador鈥檚 Upcoming Election

The Chinese economic model is attractive, and Bukele has been adept at courting China to help make him popular.

Inequalities in the political ties of El Salvador with China

The trade relationship between El Salvador and China has been uneven, despite Nayib Bukele’s promise to negotiate a Free Trade Agreement with China.

Following heavy stakes in Bitcoin, El Salvador faces crisis and turns to China for support

The recent bankruptcy of FTX, caused a drop in the price of bitcoin. As a result, El Salvador’s fiscal policy was affected by the country’s large purchase of this cryptocurrency. China proposed a possible agreement.

El Salvador seeks to deepen exchanges with the People’s Republic of China and Asia-Pacific

The International Forum “El Salvador facing Asia-Pacific” was held on May 26, organized by the Asia-Pacific-Latin America and Caribbean Trade and Investment Promotion Center (AP-LAC Center). Participants agreed that the exchange with the Asian region can boost El Salvador’s growth.

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in El Salvador announces construction of new stadium

Yamil Bukele, president of INDES, El Salvador’s National Sports Institute, reported on the progress of the construction of the new National Stadium, with funds from the PRC.

China makes a donation for the reconstruction of an important market in El Salvador

The People’s Republic of China delivered three donations to the Municipality of San Salvador, for the reconstruction of the San Miguelito market, which is the third largest in El Salvador and which, in September 2021 was almost destroyed by a fire.