The first meeting between Argentinean President Alberto Fernandez and Xi Jinping

Photo: Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina. By: Esteban Collazo. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The Olympic Winter Games are a multi-sports event held every four years under the supervision and administration of the International Olympic Committee. Following the opening, President Xi Jinping hosted a luncheon at the People’s Palace for the heads of state attending the opening. Among the guests was Argentine President Alberto Fernandez.  

The event was attended by heads of state and government officials to support their delegations at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games. The Argentine President, together with Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero and the Governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, were present at the event. The purpose of his visit was to express his gratitude for the help provided during the pandemic, as well as the new purchase of vaccines. He also took advantage of his visit to China to tour China’s historical sites and the Chinese Communist Party Museum, as well as to receive his honorary professorship from Tsinghua University.  

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Infobae: Alberto Fern谩ndez y Xi Jinping se encontraron por primera vez en China en un banquete junto a jefes de Estado.


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