BYD takes over transportation in Brazil

Photo: Marcopolo Bus – Attivi Express Model. Source: Marcopolo Brasil

The Chinese company BYD, one of the most important companies in clean energy and electric vehicles, presented the first Brazilian-made electric articulated bus in the city of São José dos Campos, State of São Paulo, along with the first monorail train that will be part of one of São Paulo’s subway lines.

During the delivery of these projects, BYD executives briefed the South American country on the advantages that electric transportation will bring to its citizens. The electric buses have a modern design, the Attivi Express body model, developed in partnership with Brazilian multinational Marcopolo, the largest manufacturer of bus bodies in Latin America. The model has an articulated chassis with 100% electric propulsion that offers zero emissions of harmful fumes, making the operation more profitable due to its lower maintenance costs and high performance. The monorail will run between São Paulo’s Congonhas National Airport and the Morumbi railway station, making it the first of 14 railroads in Brazil’s new monorail network. One of the goals of the project is to create an innovative mode of transportation that integrates São Paulo’s metro and rail lines for fast and safe access to Congonhas Airport, Brazil’s most important domestic air terminal. For BYD Brazil’s project director, Alexandre Barbosa, the company is committed to developing projects in Brazil led by its team of Brazilian and Chinese engineers to produce trains that will transport passengers comfortably, safely, and with zero polluting emissions.

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América EconomíaChina BYD presenta primer bus eléctrico armado en Brasil.

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