Mauricio Hurtado, Chile’s new ambassador to the PRC

Photo: Inauguration of Gabriel Boric as President of Chile, 11 March 2022. By: Gobierno de Chile. Source: CC 鈥 Wikimedia Commons.

Chilean President Gabriel Boric appointed Mauricio Hurtado as Chile’s new ambassador to the People’s Republic of China. The new Chilean ambassador is a qualified civil servant with a long-standing career in politics.

Hurtado is considered a studious diplomat, who is politically impartial and has no high-level connections in the Chinese Political Corps. His appointment had been pending since Boric began his term in office, and had to be made before the latter鈥檚 arrival at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in mid-November.

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Exante (Chile): Boric opta por diplom谩tico de carrera para la embajada de Chile en China