Bogotá Metro: Chinese consortium argues unconsidered variables and will appeal the penalty

Photo: hengzhou_Metro_SFM99_at_MetroTrans_2021. By: Own work. Source: Wikimedia.

The Chinese consortium responsible for the construction of the first line of the Bogotá Metro has announced that it will appeal the penalty imposed by the district, which amounts to 812 million pesos due to delays in the delivery of detailed designs. While the consortium acknowledges the failures in approximately 40% of the designs, they argue that certain variables related to the overall project have not been taken into consideration. Therefore, they will file legal appeals to challenge the fine.

Ricardo Cárdenas, acting manager of the Bogotá Metro Company, has assured that this situation will not affect the construction of the metro and that they have the necessary studies and designs to continue the project. According to him, the metro’s delivery dates, scheduled for March 2028, will not be affected. It has not yet been determined whether the 812 million pesos should be paid immediately or if they will be credited upon the completion of the design delivery. However, Mayor Claudia López has expressed that it is expected that all designs will be fully delivered by early July. It is important to note that the consortium will face a daily fine of 58 million pesos for each day of delay in the delivery.

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Botero, J. Caracol Radio. (2023, June 16). Consorcio chino apelará sanción millonaria por retrasos en el Metro de Bogotá.