Chinese Minister of Environment highlighted Costa Rica’s contribution to COP15.2

Photo: Adoption-of-the-Kunming-Montreal-Framework. By: UN Biodiversity. Source: Flickr.

Huan Runqiu, President of COP15 and Minister of Ecology and Environment of China, sent a formal note to the Minister of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica, Franz Tattenbach, to highlight the work of the Costa Rican team at the United Nations Biodiversity Summit (COP15.2). In the message, he acknowledged Costa Rica’s great contribution to achieving the agreement to include the 30×30 target presented by the High Ambition Coalition, which has significantly increased the visibility of COP15 and the conservation of global biodiversity. The COP15 President highlighted the dedication, determination, and leadership of the Costa Rican team during the COP15.2 negotiations.

The note also appreciated the Costa Rican team’s support for the language of the relevant targets proposed by the Chinese presidency and its help in communicating widely with multiple stakeholders to promote a package of solutions to complex problems, including the GBF, which responded to the international community’s high expectation for COP15 to reverse the trend of global biodiversity loss.

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El Mundo CR. Valverde Morales, J. (2023, February 28). Ministro de Ambiente de China destac贸 contribuci贸n de Costa Rica en el 茅xito de la COP15.2.