Infotep and Huawei sign an agreement in the Dominican Republic

Photo: Sede Infotep. By: Gobierno de Danilo Medina. Source: Flickr

Infotep (Instituto Nacional de Formaci贸n T茅cnico Profesional) and Huawei Technologies Dominicana signed a cooperation agreement in which they commit to work together on a technical training project in telecommunications and information technology implemented in the country. The agreement was signed by the general director of the entity, Rafael Santos Bad铆a, and by the president of Huawei Technologies Dominicana, Cai Yifan, accompanied by the ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in the Dominican Republic, Zhang Run. 

The agreement establishes that Infotep will be at the center, with the facilities to provide training courses in Telecommunications and Information Technology, including external personnel that can offer courses and technical certification on the different solutions and certification programs at Huawei’s technical level. Huawei Technologies will also serve as a trainer and technical support provider. It will certify Infotep teachers and provide the core technological infrastructure, when necessary, to run the certification courses, as well as offer the certification of the technical accreditation programs in force. 

Main story:

El Dinero. (2021). Infotep y Huawei suscriben acuerdos para plan nacional de desarrollo de talentos en telecomunicaciones e inform谩tica.


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