Honduras promotes school reconstruction project with Chinese support

Photo: Diplomatic representations of Honduras and China. Credit: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Honduras.

The government of Honduras announced a new educational project developed with the support and partial financing of the People’s Republic of China. Last Thursday, January 11, authorities from the government of Honduras and the Chinese government met during the presentation of the project “Comprehensive Intervention in Infrastructure and Equipment of Educational Centers in Honduras”, which seeks to improve the quality of education across the country.

Honduras鈥 Minister of Education, Daniel Sponda, presented the School Reconstruction Project to Chinese authorities, which focuses on providing infrastructure and equipment to 1,217 educational centers across Honduras which lie in a state of abandonment, according to Chinese outlet CGTN Spanish.

The School Reconstruction Project seeks to directly impact about 60% of the Honduran population, for which China will provide $280 million dollars in non-refundable funds.

The program aims to cover 130 technical institutes, as well as agricultural institutions, according to the Honduran outlet La Prensa.

The event took place at the Presidential House, headquarters of the Honduran government, and was led by the Minister of Education, the Foreign Minister, Enrique Reina, and the Chinese ambassador to Honduras, Yu Bo.

According to the Chinese state media, the Chinese ambassador to Honduras stated during the event that cooperation between the two countries has “enormous potential, ample space and a promising perspective.鈥

According to the Honduran outlet Proceso Digital, the project will represent a step forward  for the education of indigenous communities and vulnerable populations.

Planning brings together 6 elements, including the educational infrastructure, equipment of the centers of the Solidarity Network and Ethnic Groups; educational infrastructure, equipment of the Agro Network; educational infrastructure and equipment for Community Institutes; infrastructure and equipment of emblematic educational centers; educational infrastructure, technical equipment and tools for Professional Technical Baccalaureates in secondary education centers; and educational infrastructure and equipment of mega educational establishments.