Mexico and China foster friendly and academic relations through the “Chinese Bridge” Contest for elementary school students

Photo: Puente Chino: un concurso para estrechar relaciones entre China y Colombia. By: Laura Vega. Source: Flickr.

The 3rd “Puente Chino” Contest for Elementary School Students, themed “Chino Alegre y Divertido” (Happy and Fun Chinese), was successfully held in Mexico City. This contest, organized by the Embassy of China in Mexico, is designed to enhance cultural and academic ties between Mexico and China. Eighteen participants between the ages of 10 and 12 showcased their Chinese language skills and participated in artistic activities such as singing, dancing, and calligraphy. Elisa Álvarez Téllez emerged as the winner, demonstrating exceptional language proficiency, and excelling in the artistic segments.

Jenny Acosta, the director of the Confucius Institute at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México (UNAM), emphasized the significance of this contest for Mexican children, as it provides them with an opportunity to expand their knowledge of the Chinese language. Acosta was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and passion exhibited by the children towards learning Chinese in recent years. She emphasized that this enthusiasm contributes to fostering friendly and cultural relations between Mexicans and the Chinese people. The contest, which aims to stimulate interest in learning the language and promote understanding of Chinese culture, reflects the growing curiosity among Mexicans to explore Chinese traditions, culture, and language. It also highlights their desire to prepare for future trade relations between the two countries.

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El Ciudadano. (2023, Mayo 27). México y China refuerzan lazos con el concurso “Puente chino.”