Daniel Ortega promotes the presence of China and Russia in Central America: Geopolitical shifts in the region

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Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has proposed the inclusion of China and Russia as observers in the Central American Integration System (SICA) and the expulsion of Taiwan from the regional organization. During a meeting with the China International Development Cooperation Agency, Ortega emphasized that the majority of countries in the region have already recognized the government of the People’s Republic of China. This proposal is intended to strengthen ties with China and Russia, realign diplomatic relations in the region, and expand Chinese influence in Latin America.

In this context, Nicaragua has inaugurated a national housing construction program in collaboration with China. The first phase of the program involves the construction of 920 houses with the support of the China International Development Cooperation Agency. In total, 12,034 houses are planned to be built in various municipalities across the country over a three-year period. This historic project is intended to provide decent housing to thousands of Nicaraguan families and has been praised by the presidential advisor for the promotion of investments and international trade, and the president of the China International Development Cooperation Agency.

This news reflects Nicaragua’s intention to strengthen ties with China and Russia, both in the diplomatic realm and in the development of cooperation projects. While Ortega proposes their inclusion in SICA, the housing construction program with Chinese support showcases the close collaboration between the two countries. This demonstrates China’s growing interest in expanding its influence in Latin America and establishing strategic relationships in the region, while Nicaragua seeks to seize these opportunities to promote its economic and social development.

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Prensa Libre. EFE. (2023, April 16). Ortega: China y Rusia deben ser incorporadas al sica como observadores.

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