President of Paraguay strengthens ties with Taiwan during visit to Taipei

Photo: 「同慶之旅」總統與阿布鐸總統當選人雙邊會談. By: 總統府 Source: Wikicommons.

Santiago Peña, the President-elect of Paraguay, who will assume the highest office in the country from next August, traveled to Taipei to meet with Tsai Ing-wen, the current President of Taiwan.

Peña has assured that Paraguay’s relationship with Taiwan is important and will not change under his new government. On the contrary, the incoming President hopes that the bond between the two nations can be strengthened. Currently, Paraguay is the only country in South America that recognizes the sovereignty of the Asian island, making it a crucial connection for Taiwan with the region. As part of his electoral campaign, Peña pledged that over the next five years, the country will work to solidify its ties with Taipei, which reassured the island’s government and dispelled fears of losing a strategic ally. On July 12th, as part of the visit’s agenda, they jointly celebrated the 66th anniversary of the beginning of diplomatic relations between both countries.

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Infobae. (2023, July 9). El presidente electo de Paraguay visitará Taiwán para consolidar los lazos: “Estamos decididos a mantenerlos.”