China listed as the main destination for Peruvian exports in February 2022

Photo: Exports from Peru. By: Mincetur Per煤. Source: Flickr

The Foreign Trade Research and Development Institute of the Lima Chamber of Commerce (Idexcam) was created by the governmental institution’s Board of Directors in 2013. The task of the institute is to improve the quality of the formulation of trade policies and regulations in the country.

According to Idexcam data, Peruvian exports to the People’s Republic of China in the month of February 2022 reached US$4,595 million, representing an increase of 7% over the same period in 2021.  Thus, China is the main destination for Peruvian exports valued at a total of US$1,264 million. However, a 27.79% drop in trade transactions to China was recorded compared to the figures recorded for February 2021.

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El Comercio:聽CCL: Exportaciones habr铆an crecido 7% en febrero, tras sumar US$ 4.595 millones.