Chinese brands lead the Peruvian automotive market with a 20.1% market share: Changan stands out as the leader.

Photo: Changan CS15. By: Rutger van der Maar. Source: Flickr.

Chinese brands are making significant strides in the Peruvian automotive market, capturing a 20.1% share of light vehicle sales between January and May 2023. Leading the pack is Changan, which has emerged as the standout player, selling 3,957 units during this period and commanding a 5.4% market share. Notably, Changan has witnessed an impressive growth of +64.5% compared to the previous year. The brand has primarily focused on the SUV segment, though it also offers sedan models. Another noteworthy contender in the Peruvian market is DFSK.

The Chinese brands’ strategy revolves around offering an extensive range of SUVs, with Changan ranking as the second-best-selling brand in this segment, trailing only behind Toyota. Changan has secured a 19.3% market share with 1,973 units sold and a remarkable growth rate of 238.4%. Its SUV lineup includes popular models such as Uni-T, New CS55 Plus, New CS15, CS35 Plus, CS55, and CX70. Moreover, these brands are also making strides in the commercial vehicle and pickup segments.

In summary, Changan takes the spotlight as the most prominent Chinese brand in the Peruvian automotive market, exhibiting substantial growth and a robust presence in the SUV segment. Its diversified strategy and comprehensive vehicle offerings have propelled its success in Peru, where it closely competes with other Chinese brands like DFSK.

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