Perú and China strengthen their relationship as strategic partners in various bilateral aspects

Photo: Reinician Sesión del Pleno del Congreso 3. By: Congreso de la República del Perú. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Various aspects related to commercial cooperation between Peru and China were highlighted during an event at the Peruvian Congress. The meeting, led by congresswoman Silvia Monteza Facho and with the participation of Chinese Ambassador Song Yang, emphasized the longstanding cultural and economic exchange between the two countries.

It was mentioned that the relationship has been strengthened, and they have become strategic partners in various bilateral aspects. Bilateral trade with China exceeded $34 billion, and Peru is the second most important investment destination in South America. The close ties of brotherhood and collaboration since Chinese immigration to Peru were highlighted, as well as the signing of the Free Trade Agreement in 2009 and the existence of numerous public projects in collaboration with China in areas such as education, transportation, healthcare, and coastal defense.

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Centro de Noticias del Congreso. (2023, Junio 12). Resaltan cooperación entre Perú y China.