China, the main market for Uruguayan beef in 2022

Photo: Beef. By: mali maeder. Source: Pexels.

During the first months of 2022, Uruguay exported a significant amount of meat and at a better price, which means an increase in foreign exchange to the country. According to the database of the National Meat Institute (INAC), it was reported that China continues to be the main market for Uruguayan meat exports, maintaining its position in recent years.

The price of the Uruguayan product is sustained at above US $5,000 per ton, which implies a record level compared to the figures for 2021. So far in 2022, China is responsible for 60% of accumulated revenues, 67% belongs to beef shipments, and 55.3% to sheep meat. Thus, China’s consumption of Uruguayan meat has grown 63.3% for 2022 compared to 2021.

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El Observador: China, la aspiradora de carnes que empuja a Uruguay hacia otro r茅cord.