Chinese consortium signs agreement with Canacol Energy to build gas pipeline

Shanghai Engineering and Technology Corp (Setco) and Canacol Energy signed an agreement to build a gas pipeline, in the Department of Antioquia (Colombia).

Chinese mining consortium enters into $480 million dispute against Ecuadorian government

In 2018, shortly after production began at the Rio Blanco mine owned by Ecuagoldmining, activists demanded the right to be consulted on continued operations. They subsequently obtained a court order to halt operations.

Chinese incursion into Colombian infrastructure

This month has brought a high level of activity in the development of PRC companies in Colombia.

Plans to install a Chinese naval base in the province of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, denied

The governor of Tierra del Fuego, Gustavo Melera, denied that the province is promoting the construction of a Chinese naval base within its borders.

Ecuador succeeds in restructuring its debt with the People’s Republic of China

Ecuador reached an agreement with Chinese banks to provide about $1.4 billion in debt relief through 2025.

Chinese-Argentine relations at record high levels of activity

This last month has brought a great deal of activity to the bilateral relations between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Argentina.

China willing to negotiate with the entire Mercosur bloc

Meanwhile, Beijing, which has begun negotiations on a free trade agreement with Uruguay, is willing to cooperate with Mercosur as a whole, confirmed Cai Wei, director general for the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Latin American and Caribbean Affairs, in Montevideo.

Chinese Foreign Ministry head to visit Uruguay in the middle of a tour of the continent

The Director General of the Department of Latin America and the Caribbean of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cai Wei, has been in constant contact with the Latin American and Caribbean region since early last year with a particular interest in Uruguay.

INVAP signed an agreement with China to export reactors and produce radioisotopes

The Applied Research Institute in Argentina (INVAP) has signed a cooperation agreement with the companies Jianxi Nuclear Power and Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute, focusing on the export of reactors and the production of radioactive isotopes for medicine.

Chinese company buys lithium mines belonging to Argentine mining group for US$ 962 million

Ganfeng Lithium Co. Ltd recently acquired the Argentinean mining group Lithea for USD $962 million, providing it with the rights to two salt lake brines in Argentina, Pozuelos and Paston Grandes.

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