Argentina seeks to increase Chinese investments in energy and lithium during Beijing visit

Chancellor Diana Mondino highlights a plan that focuses on increasing investments in energy and lithium, increasing meat exports and the decision to support the “one China” stance

Argentina renews US $6.5 billion swap with China amid financial restrictions

Despite prevailing uncertainties, industry experts maintain that the swap renewal signifies a pragmatic approach to safeguard Argentina’s financial interests

Central Bank of Argentina seeks to renegotiate financial agreement with China

This trip to China comes at a crucial time for Argentina as it seeks to recover from a protracted financial crisis. Thanks to the swap agreement with China, the country has been able to strengthen its foreign exchange reserves and address its financial obligations

Argentine state of Santa Cruz signs trade agreement with China

Mining, fishing and energy: Claudio Vidal, governor of the Argentinean province of Santa Cruz, signed an important agreement with the Chamber of Commerce of the Chinese city of Fuzhou.

Argentina’s President Javier Milei takes a pragmatic approach with China

Javier Milei stated that his administration seeks to balance relations with both the United States and China to address Argentina’s economic problems.

Diplomatic tension over Chinese presence at Argentine space station

U.S. comments sparked diplomatic tensions with China and Argentina over the space station in Neuquén.

Argentinian Foreign Minister to visit China in bid to strengthen relations

The government of Argentina will send its foreign minister on an official visit to China to boost bilateral cooperation and strengthen strategic ties.

CIA Head visits Argentina to discuss Chinese influence in region

William Burns visits Buenos Aires to consolidate bilateral cooperation in security and intelligence.

Argentine Government downplays impact of dam paralysis on relationship with China

Construction stoppage affects Argentina-China relations: two projects financed by China are suspended in Argentina.

Chinese dam project in Argentina paralyzed over contract disputes

The Santa Cruz Dams mega project is officially paralyzed with the dismissal of 1,800 workers due to lack of funds.

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