Chinese financing to upgrade Argentina’s power grid

On January 13, the Argentine Energy Secretariat met with China Electric Power Equipment and Technology (CET) to sign a project for the construction of a new power transformer station in the South American country.

Argentina’s Universidad Austral – A lecture on opportunities for technological cooperation between Argentina and China

On November 10, the School of Politics, Government, and International Relations at Argentina’s Universidad Austral held a lecture entitled: “Argentina and China, the comprehensive strategic partnership and the Huawei case as a technological challenge for telecommunications in the post-pandemic world.

Buenos Aires seeks to attract Chinese tourism

Under the concept of “digital cities”, Buenos Aires seeks to attract travelers, students, and digital nomads from China as part of its post-pandemic tourism reactivation strategy.

YPF and CATL meet to sign a Strategic Partnership

CATL President, Chen Junwei, recently met with the Secretary of Mining of Argentina, Alberto Hensel, and the President of YPF, Pablo Gonzalez, in order to reach an agreement for the development of joint projects in Argentina.

Argentina’s possible financing plan for external debt sustainability

Some of the proposed plans for this refinancing have to do with the authorization given by Fernandez to the director of the Central Bank, Miguel Angel Pesce, to negotiate an extension of funds in yuan with the People’s Bank of China.

Tango comes to China courtesy of Beijing Central Music Conservatory

The Beijing Central Music Conservatory -opened in 1949 and currently with 1,500 students at its Beijing campus- is the most prestigious arts institution in China. On October 28th, this important institution inaugurated its Tango Research and Practice Center, in collaboration with Argentina’s Universidad Nacional de las Artes.

FAW in Argentina

First Automobile Works (FAW) is one of the most famous and oldest Chinese automobile brands in the Asian country. he company recently announced its entry into the Argentine market through the establishment of a regional company in the South American country.

Wang Yi and Santiago Cafiero meet during the G20 Summit

The sixteenth G-20 meeting was held in Rome, Italy, on October 30 and 31. This international forum of leaders includes, among other countries, Argentina and China, which on this occasion were represented by their foreign ministers, Santiago Cafiero and Wang Yi, respectively. As part of this important event, the aforementioned Foreign Ministers took the opportunity to hold the first high-level face-to-face meeting between Argentina and China since the pandemic began.

Argentina at the China Mining Conference and Exhibition 2021

The China Mining Conference and Exhibition 2021 was held in the city of Tianjin. The Conference ran from October 21 to 23 of this year and was attended by Argentine representatives at a stand dedicated to the country’s mining potential.

China’s 5G technology investment in Argentina, according to Ambassador Sabino Vaca Narvaja

On October 20, the Argentine newspaper Ámbito held an interview with the Argentine Ambassador to China, Sabino Vaca Narvaja. The interview focused on China’s growing investment, especially in the telecommunications sector, where, according to the ambassador, China is ahead of its development worldwide.

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