El Salvador and China begin negotiations for FTA

Negotiations for an FTA between China and El Salvador officially begin after 5 years of diplomatic relations

Argentine state of Santa Cruz signs trade agreement with China

Mining, fishing and energy: Claudio Vidal, governor of the Argentinean province of Santa Cruz, signed an important agreement with the Chamber of Commerce of the Chinese city of Fuzhou.

Chinese steel fosters crisis within Latin American steel industry

China’s strategy of subsidising its steel production and exporting it at below-market prices has triggered a dumping situation that severely affects Latin America

Mexico absorbs 6% of Chinese commercial relocation, according to World Bank

According to the analysis of a World Bank representative, Chinese relocation in Mexico only absorbs 6% of the total.

Delegation of Brazil’s Worker’s Party meets with Communist Party of China in Beijing 

A delegation of Lula Da Silva’s party will travel to China to strengthen relations with Xi Jinping in order to jointly confront the extreme right.

Vice Presidents of China and El Salvador meet to strengthen ties

El Salvador and PRC meet to agree on upcoming projects during Nayib Bukele’s second term in tourism, renewable energy and technology.

Nicaragua and China sign S26.9 million loan agreement for gas storage

Nicaragua expands LPG storage capacity with loan from China, ensuring stable supply and global coverage.

Peru seeks to improve the FTA with China ahead of APEC summit

Peru seeks to improve FTA with China at APEC 2024 to strengthen its trade position.

US supports Costa Rica’s 5G plan despite Chinese criticism

Despite criticism from China, the United States has reaffirmed its support for Costa Rica’s plan to develop 5G technology.

Taiwan lashes out at Bolivia for expressing solidarity with China following earthquake on island

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister lashes out at Bolivia for a message of solidarity with China after the earthquake.

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