Venezuelan Government extends greetings to the Chinese Communist Party for the celebration of the XX Congress

Following the celebration of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Venezuelan government expressed its support.

Chinese company involved in corruption cases confirmed irregular business dealings in road tenders.

China Harbour Engineering Co. (CHEC) reported having found irregularities in the bribery case involving the Bolivian Highway Authority (ABC), which led to the dismissal of the company’s general manager, Jin Zhengyuan.

Dragon Boat Race in Panama

Dragon boat racing is a traditional Chinese sport in which several teams compete against each other in racing boats. This sport found its way to Panama and the Dragon Boat Race was held in Amador, Panama City.

Chinese mining consortium enters into $480 million dispute against Ecuadorian government

In 2018, shortly after production began at the Rio Blanco mine owned by Ecuagoldmining, activists demanded the right to be consulted on continued operations. They subsequently obtained a court order to halt operations.

Costa Rica and the People’s Republic of China cement trade relationship

The PRC-Costa Rica trade relationship increased by 44% this year compared to 2021, meaning that it reached 2.7 million dollars.

Chinese incursion into Colombian infrastructure

This month has brought a high level of activity in the development of PRC companies in Colombia.

China and Russia doubtful over Haiti Security Initiative

China and Russia jointly expressed their concern over the US’ security proposal, in the United Nations (UN) Security Council meeting in New York.

China Donates Health Supplies to Venezuela

The last donation Venezuela received was on October 3, directly from China, and it included medical and COVID-19 supplies.

The Tarot Club

The Tarot Club is a group of Chinese companies, located in Peru, that used an illegal service in order to obtain public bids.

Increased Importation of New Energy Vehicles from China

Latin America’s consumption of New Energy Vehicles has recently increased, with Chinese-imported electric vehicles having been widely accepted by the region’s population.

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