Ecuador ratifies FTA with China despite environmental concerns

Ecuador has confirmed the ratification of the free trade agreement with China, despite criticism from indigenous and environmental organizations.

Ecuador approves free trade agreement with China

Ecuador’s National Assembly ratified a trade agreement with China that seeks to open the Ecuadorian market with close to 5,000 tariff-free products.

Ecuador to debate free trade agreement with China

Ecuador is weighing the benefits of ratifying the FTA signed with China in May 2023. Productive guilds request that it be approved by the National Assembly.

Ecuador’s Constitutional Court Receives Support from Nine ‘Amicus Curiae’ and Opposition from Four in Regards to the Trade Agreement with China

Ecuador’s Constitutional Court  has a 30-day period to issue its final ruling following the ‘amicus curiae’ submission stage, which concluded on September 11th.

Ecuador’s Public Prosecutor’s Office to file bribery charges in Sinohydro case after four-year investigation

The Ecuadorian Attorney General’s Office will finalize the investigation of the so-called INA Papers. After almost four years of investigation, the entity has renamed the process the Sinohydro case. The investigation focuses on a criminal structure that allegedly collected $76 million in bribes to the Chinese company Sinohydro, responsible for the construction of the Coca Codo Sinclair hydroelectric power plant during the government of Rafael Correa.

China, a giant that threatens Ecuador’s tuna supply

While Ecuador continues to be the European Union’s main supplier of tuna loins, China is fast closing in to take over the top spot. Despite the absence of any trade agreement, the European bloc is increasingly shifting its purchases to the Asian country. Ecuador’s share of the tuna market has fallen from 32% to 26%, while China’s grew rapidly from 9% to 24%, between 2015 and 2022.

After extensive negotiations, the FTA between Ecuador and the People’s Republic of China is almost concluded. 

The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso proclamed the trade agreement with China is concluded. He argueshat the country’s industrial sectors under consideration included a guarantee of employment in the manufacturing industry.

Corruption scandals involving Chinese oil companies and Ecuador

Nilsen Arias, former international trade manager of Petroecuador, is currently facing legal proceedings in the United States due to a series of corruption and money laundering scandals involving the Chinese company Petrochina.

Chinese mining consortium enters into $480 million dispute against Ecuadorian government

In 2018, shortly after production began at the Rio Blanco mine owned by Ecuagoldmining, activists demanded the right to be consulted on continued operations. They subsequently obtained a court order to halt operations.

Ecuador succeeds in restructuring its debt with the People’s Republic of China

Ecuador reached an agreement with Chinese banks to provide about $1.4 billion in debt relief through 2025.

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