After breaking diplomatic relations with Honduras, Taiwan’s president visits Guatemala and Belize 

Foto: 10.03 國宴款待宏都拉斯共和國總統葉南德茲伉儷. Por:  總統府. Fuente: Flickr.

Following the termination of diplomatic relations with Honduras, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen embarked on a visit to Guatemala and Belize last week, aiming to strengthen ties with her regional allies. Tsai’s tour, which attracted controversy due to two stopovers in the United States, sought to bolster relationships in the region. In Guatemala, Tsai held a meeting with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei, during which both leaders delivered a joint message reaffirming their close bonds. Tsai also highlighted a cooperation package of US$22 million for the construction of a hospital in Guatemala.

Subsequently, during her visit to the National Assembly of Belize, President Tsai engaged in discussions with Prime Minister Johnny Briceño, culminating in the signing of a cooperation agreement for the supply of 5,000 electronic devices. Notably, last month, through a communiqué on Twitter by the Honduran Foreign Ministry, and under the “One China” principle, Honduras severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan, recognizing a single legitimate government representing all of China. This decision reduced the number of countries recognizing Taiwan to 13, reflecting the loss of several Latin American allies in recent years. 

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