Uruguayan cattle, a success in China

Foto: Angus cattle. Source: Public Domain Pictures

China has become the main importer of Uruguayan beef. Now, there are plans to import live cattle from Uruguay to China, in order to crossbreed Uruguayan cattle with Wagyu cattle from China. The idea of this is to develop a premium quality product. A ship recently sailed from Uruguay loaded with 12,500 Aberdeen Angus cattle and 300 breeding bulls.

Given the Chinese population’s growing food demands, accompanied by the growing preference for beef among the Chinese public, Uruguay has an important window of opportunity to strengthen its country’s brand through the production and export of cattle. Uruguay intends to build trust and closeness with Chinese citizens through this type of business, and thereby gain international recognition. It is worth noting that Uruguay is one of the few countries that exports live animals to China, not to mention that of the $2 billion dollars (USD) that Uruguay receives from international livestock sales, 58% comes from China.

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Contexto ganadero: Uruguay exporta 12.500 vientres Angus a China para cruzarlos con Wagyu y lograr carne Premium.

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Contexto ganadero: Uruguay se ha convertido en un gran exportador de carne y ganado a China.

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