Sino-Latin American relations through the prism of Argentine foreign policy, a conversation with Jorge Malena

Episode in Spanish – This week on Silk & Coffee, Parsifal talks to Dr. Jorge Malena, director of the “Executive Program on Contemporary China” at the Catholic University of Argentina and director of the Asian Affairs Committee of the Argentine Council for International Relations. Professor Malena talks about the pillars of Chinese foreign policy in Latin America and the Caribbean, the evolution of the Chinese development model and its impact on the country’s international interests, and the fluctuations of Argentine domestic policy and its influence on the country’s relationship with China.

Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina – Excecutive Program on Contemporary China  


Dr. Jorge Malena: China-LAC Trade: Four Scenarios in 2035. Published by the Atlantic Council and written by Tatiana Prazeres, David Bohl, and Pepe Zhang.


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