Fourteen Chinese companies to invest in Argentina

The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez visited China in February 2022, to meet with President Xi Jinping. The meeting led to a total of 14 Chinese companies signing contracts to invest in Argentina, outside of the Silk Road Agreement, and immediately deploying different economic development projects.

Chinese firm JF Capital International has bought the Justo & Bueno chain

The shareholding of the retail company Justo & Bueno (J&B) was purchased by the Chinese conglomerate Joining Futures Capital International Limited. The news of the purchase was made official last Thursday, April 19, following the supermarket company’s financial crisis that began in 2021.

China Mastery Colombia 2022

China Mastery Colombia 2022 is an import event that reaches the city of Bogota thanks to Valeria Bernardo to promote entrepreneurship through the business of imports from China and the United States.

The Zijin Mining Company will invest 380 million to build a lithium plant in Argentina

Chinese mining company Zijin will invest US$380 million through its subsidiary Liex to build a lithium carbonate plant in the province of Catamarca (Argentina).

China is the Asian country with the largest investment in Colombia

ProColombia recently highlighted that China was the Asian country with the highest investment in Colombia in 2021, a leadership position it has maintained since 2018.

Great Wall Motors and its investment in the Brazilian market

Following Great Wall Motors (GWM) official launch in the Brazilian market, the Chinese brand announced that it will invest some R$10 billion (US$1.85 billion) in Brazil to produce hybrid and electric vehicles.

China and Argentina sign new agreement for nuclear power plant construction

Nucleoeléctrica is an Argentinean electricity generating company that operates the Embalse and Atucha I and II nuclear power plants. On February 1, the company signed an agreement to develop a project with the China National Nuclear Cooperation (CNNC), which will include the construction of a nuclear plant of the fourth nuclear power plant in Argentina.

The Caribbean Railroad: BYD’s proposal

The Caribbean Train, a railroad that connects the three main cities of the Colombian Caribbean coast -Santa Marta, Barranquilla, and Cartagena- to transport both cargo and passengers, is an infrastructure project that has been in the pipeline for more than five years. Through its representative in Colombia, Juan Felipe Velásquez, the Chinese company BYD has already submitted a proposal for the construction of the project.

Bolivia signs mining production contract with Chinese company

The Bolivian Mining Corporation (Comibol) and the Chinese company Phoenixminig S.A. signed a 15-year mining production contract on October 29 in the Amayapampa mining district in the municipality of Chayanta, Rafael Bustillo province in Potosí (Bolivia).

China Development Bank in Latin America and the Caribbean

The China Development Bank is a public financial institution that provides financing for infrastructure and energy development projects both within China and around the world. Nevertheless, the activities of this financial entity have been criticized by some social and environmental movements.

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