China’s environmental track-record in Latin America: a conversation with Fermin Koop

Episode in Spanish – This week on Silk & Coffee, Parsifal and David talk to Fermin Koop about the environmental challenges surrounding China’s engagement in Latin America and the Caribbean. Fermín Koop is an Argentine journalist specialized in environmental coverage. He is co-founder of Claves21, a journalism network in Argentina dedicated to coverage about the environment. He also acts as editor for the Cono Sur (southernmost areas of South America) for Diálogo Chino. During the conversation Fermín talks about the Chinese Government’s stride to become a global leader in environmental policy, the latest Five-year plan, and its environmental goals, and the challenges China faces to make it all happen. The discussion also delves into LAC perceptions regarding China’s environmental track-record in the region, as well as how local governments have failed to devise and enforce environmental regulations. Finally, Fermin explains to us the role of environmental journalism in LAC and how it is fundamental to expose environmental degradation and promote green politics. 


Argento, M., Gamba, M., Kazimierski, M., Puente F., Romeo, G., Santos, E., Slipak, A., Urrutia, S., Zicari, J. (2019). Litio en Sudamérica: Geopolítica, energía y territorios (Fornillo B., Ed.). Buenos Aires: CLACSO.

Diálogo Chino | China, Latin America, and the environment. Journalistic platform dedicated to understanding the relationship between China and Latin America and its environmental challenges (Spanish).

China Dialogue | China environment and climate news. Independent organization dedicated to promoting a common understanding of China’s urgent environmental challenges.

Revista Claves21 | Environment and Sustainable Development. Environmental news from Argentina and the world. Training in environmental journalism. Network of environmental journalists in Latin America (Spanish).


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